Universal Print with Intune Settings Catalog and upprinterinstaller.exe popups

In 2022, Microsoft added the Universal Print policy CSP to the Intune settings catalog. This replaced the Universal Print Printer Provisioning Tool and brought about a significant time saving when configuring Universal Print deployment policies.

When the Intune policy is sync’d with a device and a user logs in, the upprinterinstaller.exe runs to set up the printer for the user. Unfortunately, this does not run silently, instead displaying a popup for the user as pictured below:

My testing showed that this occurs on both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Each printer you deploy gets its own individual popup. So if you are deploying lots of printers, expect to see lots of popups. Combining multiple printers in to a single policy did not reduce the number of popups.

They stay on the screen for between 2 to 20 seconds depending on the device’s resource load. I’ve found that when I’ve misconfigured the deployment settings, the popup stays for up to a minute before exiting (presumably timing out).

In all instances, no user interaction is required. It always closes itself and no messages are displayed on the popup other than the .exe name.

Back in November, Microsoft acknowledged this popup as an issue they are investigating but have not provided any further update. It still does not feature on the Universal Print known issues list.

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